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Important Notes

In general, each module consists of three hours’ of lectures and one hour of tutorial every week. Lectures are usually scheduled in two 2-hour blocks per week although they are not taught to the full hour (to allow time for students to move between classes). Tutorials are scheduled separately.

Level 5000 and higher modules are usually small in enrolment and more interactive in nature so there are usually no separate tutorial classes outside the four scheduled lecture hours. Some higher level modules are originally structured to have only a three-hour lecture (no tutorial) every week.
A limited number of modules may be scheduled in one 3-hour block in the evenings and taught only once a week. In such classes, the lecturers would adjust their teaching accordingly to deliver both lectures and tutorials within the three hours.

All lectures begin in Week 1 of a semester*. Note that in Semester 1 there is an Orientation Week (Week 0) and no classes are held in that week.

Tutorials and lab sessions for maths modules begin in Week 3 of a semester*. Selected modules may hold tutorials or lab sessions in only even-numbered weeks and such classes will begin in Week 4 instead.

*The teaching pattern for MA1511, MA1512 and MA1513 are slightly different, being 2MC module each. Two of these modules will be offered one after the other in the same semester - the first module will hold lectures from Weeks 1 to 6, tutorials from Weeks 2 to 6 and final exam in Week 8; the second module will hold lectures from Weeks 8 to 13, tutorials from Weeks 9 to 13 and final exam in the regular exam weeks. These modules are only offered to students from the Faculty of Engineering.
Changes in class and examination timetables are disallowed as revisions may affect many other students. Students are also responsible in ensuring that they do not read modules with clashing class and examination timetables.
Due to various constraints in scheduling evening classes, part-time graduate students may have to make their own arrangements to attend day-time classes if necessary, which may include taking leave from work on a regular basis. Students who are working must also be prepared to take leave from work to sit for examinations that take place during their working hours.

Examinations are held on campus. There are standard start times for examinations:

AM (Mon - Sat) : 9.00am
PM (Mon - Thu & Sat)  : 1.00pm
PM (Fri) : 2.30pm
Evening (Mon - Thu) : 5.00pm
Night : 7.00pm


Timetable Links

Class timetables are published about one month before a semester begins but students may use the Timetable Builder to plan ahead for an entire academic year. However, they should note that the unpublished timetable is subject to change without notice. Hence, it is always advisable to have contingency plans.